took place on October 26 at the Central Branch of Brooklyn Public Library

From opening remarks:  “This is Society’s  26th seminar, but only the first one here, in New York City. With this move we are beginning new phase in the history of our organization. Up to now our seminars took place in Ventnor, NJ, where the headquarters of the Society were located, and where Andrew Wala, the director and spiritus movens of the organization lived. His sudden passing was a shock to all, to his family, friends and to the organization which he lead for over 40 years. The ideas behind the creation of our Society are great and worth spreading, so we are going to continue. Society is in transition. We are working on our new website, which we hope in the next few months. We are also planning to organize another event in the first half of the next year.

We hope that new members will join us, and our organization will grow”

XXV Seminar of PAES/PATE

was held on Saturday October 20th, 2018 in Ventnor Public Library.  Program was diverse and presentations covered a large variety of topics.

Barbara Wala (PAES/PATE)  opened our seminar remembering her husband Andrewa Wala.

Justyna  Laskowska-Otwinowska from National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw talked about  folk music used for political purposes  [Muzyka ludu czy muzyka mas. O przełomach w społeczno-politycznej percepcji folkloru muzycznego”.] Beata Anton from University in Helsinki gave a presentation about the landscape, space and  identity of inhabitants of the the Easter Island [ „Przestrzeń i tożsamość. Cywilizacje Wyspy Wielkanocnej oraz Majów w obliczu załamania kulturowego”.] Wiola Rębecka (Columbia University)  presented her project investigating the rape politics in recent conflicts in Rwanda and Kongo [Gwałt: historia wstydu – Rwanda i Kongo]. Monika Banach (Jagiellonian University) sent a paper about Polish archaeological findings in Gwatemala [ „Polskie badania archeologiczne i antropologiczne w rejonie Ixil w Gwatemali”]. Jolanta Kiszka (Jagiellonian University) sent a paper about precolumbian earthworks in Bolivian Llanos de Moxos [„Prekolumbijskie założenia ziemne w Llanos de Moxos, Boliwia”] Klaudia Jagoda (Uniwersytet Jagielloński) paper talk about the shamans in the cultures of North America and their identification in archaeological findings [ „Szamanizm oraz pochówki szamańskie w kulturach Ameryki Północnej”. Jerzy Barankiewicz (PAES/PATE)  presented his collection of birds whistles and talk about this form of folk art in different cultures [„Ptaszek gwizdek – zabawka ludowa i instrument muzyczny”]

XXV Seminar picture